5 reasons to drive down to Go boundless Deep Desert

Planning your December holidays? May we suggest you to take a trip to Rajasthan and its majestic Thar Desert! Add to it the fun of self-driving. And if you are still not so excited, here are top 5 reasons to go for this Boundless Deep Desert trip in your 4X4 or by being a part of the group –

1. Indian Desert Safari is a must for travel-enthusiasts –

Forget Dubai; Indian Desert is far more enchanting and colourful. Rajasthan trip is a must for travel enthusiasts as this is the state where you can experience contrasts – pale beautiful sand and bright colourful clothes. For people who think Jaipur and Udaipur are the only popular destinations in Rajasthan, they are in for a surprise when they take Delhi-Mandawa-Phalodi-Jaisalmer-Bikaner road trip with Go Boundless.

2. Winters is the best time to explore Indian Desert –

The heart-warming experience of Rajasthan and Indian desert is the perfect escape from freezing cold of northern plains. The aura and climate of the entire desert is so very different in winters. Moreover, style conscious travelers can flaunt their smart sweatshirts and Jackets without shivering!

3. The challenge of Offroading in Desert –

It’s not just mountains alone that provide an opportunity to driving lovers for offroading and challenge driving. Indian Desert safari is equally challenging when you venture out to self-drive. You will definitely find offroading amidst sand dunes an unforgettable experience. And if you are not so keen to self-drive, at least you can relish the long caravan of 4X4s driving like a trail in this majestic land.

4. Group tours are so much fun –

Get out of Facebook and Instagram; it’s time to socialize with new people offline and in real manner. Group tours indeed turn out to be the best way of travelling as one gets the chance to meet new people and spend time in a more productive manner. It’s like back to school days when group tours used to be the best part of our life!

5. It doesn’t cost you a fortune –

Budget! Yes Group tours organized by Go Boundless are very economical. This time again, their Go Boundless Deep Desert tour in December is brining the economy advantage for budget travelers. You can plan the trip with your entire family at half the price of any regular vacation. To know more about price and package, kindly send a mail at boundlessgo@gmail.com In case you are really interested, you may not need all these reasons. Because for travel enthusiasts, the pleasure of travelling is the biggest happiness! Let’s Go Boundless in deep desert with this special tour!

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How to plan an adventure trip in Ladakh

Rare would be an adventure enthusiast who doesn’t dream of or hasn’t already done Leh-Ladakh trip! Leh-Ladakh is no less than Mecca for adventure travellers. Where else on this earth you will find larger-than-life snow-covered peaks perfectly complimented by pale mountains and sandy valleys? Add to it the excitement of driving your bike or 4X4 on the highest motorable road of India; the one that goes till and beyond Khardung La (Khardong La Pass)! Moreover, Leh-Ladakh is the place to watch the beautifully-blue Pangong Tso (Pangong Lake) in all its magnificence and softly-changing 12 colours. Even if you aren’t much of a biker or offroading expert, doing Leh-Ladakh once in this lifetime is a must. Like one adventure lover says – “Between Marriage and Leh-Ladakh trip, I will choose the mountains. At least this is a high of real type!”

With increased accessibility, the good News that anyone can plan an adventure trip in Ladakh. The bad News – you may not be able to enjoy it if your planning is not based on an in-depth knowledge of Leh-Ladakh conditions! Ladakh is no ordinary place to travel. You cannot just backpack and go! There are so many things that you need to take care of other than hotels and conveyance which is common for all trips -

• How many days are ideal to explore Ladakh and what all place you should cover

• What all medicines you should take along as travelling to Ladakh can cause acute mountain sickness and your body takes time    to acclimatize with Leh-Ladakh climate

• What kind of clothes one should carry during their trip to Leh-Ladakh in different months/seasons

• What all things to avoid in Leh-Ladakh if you are travelling with a child

• How safe and secure Leh-Ladakh camps are

• What other activities and adventures can be done in this terrain

It would be more enjoyable if you have expert answers to all the above questions. And the easy way to find those answers is – just drop a mail at boundlessgo@gmail.com Go Boundless is the most trusted name for organizing and delivering memorable adventure trips in Ladakh. Led by Vaneeta Kang, Go Boundless has made the Leh-Ladakh dream come true for thousands of adventure travellers.

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Are you ready for a Once-in-a-lifetime Trek?

If you are a true travel freak, we invite you for this challenge! Just close your eyes for two minutes and imagine pale and deep brown Himalayan Mountains all around. Its winter time and a whitewashed Leh-Ladakh welcomes you. You are shivering in spite of wearing the warmest and most suitable clothing. Deep within, you realize that you aren’t shivering with cold; it’s a different kind of chill that is giving you an adrenalin rush as well. You must have seen and experienced snow-covered mountains and the frozen landscape but something is different this time. What is it that is giving you sheer joy for being in this location at this time of the year? It is the pride and privilege of doing the most exciting treks - The Chadar trek which connects the villages in the Zanskar valley with Chilling along the frozen Zanskar River.

Well, how many of you can actually imagine the Goosebumps of doing the Chadar Trek? If you can, you have already won the challenge and the most suitable person to join #GoBoundless Chadar Trek this January and February. And if you aren’t good with your visualization, we invite you to be a part of #GoBoundless Group on Facebook and see for yourself how people go crazily ecstatic while trekking Leh-Ladakh in extreme winters. If you are reading this blog, we are sure some day down the lane, you would want to do the Trek yourself!

Before you get over-enthusiastic and throw us questions on the whats, whys and hows of Leh-Ladakh Chadar Trek, let us first tell you it’s not going to be a red carpet walk! The frozen Zanskar has many steep canyons and you might need to garner all your strength as you will be carrying a backpack loaded with utilities. Are you ready for the challenge? Great!

Go Boundless has been organizing successful group trips to Leh-Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Desert Safari and Himachal Pradesh’s virgin destinations. So you will not be the only one brave out there in a large group; interestingly a lot many women campers and trekkers have been associated with such challenging treks. The lead person of Go Boundless being a sporty woman who has to her credit many awards and victories in Safaris and Mountain Expeditions, Vaneeta Kang leaves no stone unturned to make sure that the group trips of Go Boundless leave people with boundless happiness and spirit.

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What do travellers get in Go Boundless Deep Desert Drive

Everyone loves mountains; but a true traveller is one who loves desert the most. Sand has a charm of its own and travelling to India’s expansive and aura-exuding Thar Desert is one of the most charming journeys. No wonder, travel-enthusiasts from all over India have opted to enrol for the Go Boundless Deep Desert Drive in December end. Without spoiling the surprise, here is a sneak peak of what they can expect in this trip –

1. An amazing company –

That’s the hallmark of Go Boundless which has been taking group tours to all parts of India. You are not going with your family alone; you will definitely meet some crazy bunch of travellers who will end up becoming your friends for life.

2. A lavish stay –

– Think royal; think Rajasthan! So if you though you are staying in some mud houses in Thar Desert Safari, sorry to disappoint you. This is going to be a lavish holiday for those who believe in the spirit of Christmas. Take a look on the resort booked for Go Boundless Rajasthan self-drive group. Isn’t it super glorious?

3. Offroading adventure –

For all those people who are proud owners of 4X4 and love to indulge in offroading, Sand dunes of Rajasthan await you. This is going to be your adventure of a lifetime where you experience self-driving in the sand dunes of Thar Desert, indeed a challenging terrain of a different kind.

4. Family fun –

Let us tell you something amazing now – Go Boundless gets more registrations from families rather than boys or single adventure-crazy men! Yes, you will see people and even children of all age group in this group tour. Their safety and security is the prime responsibility of Vaneeta Kang, the one-woman army behind Go Boundless. And she has never faltered on this responsibility!

5. Lifelong Memories –

Doing Delhi-Mandawa-Phalodi-Jaisalmer-Bikaner road trip in such a pleasant weather and in such economical manner would be your lifelong happiness. Go Boundless team ensures that this trip turns out to be more amazing than any other vacations done by you.

you seek more details on the same, just drop a mail to boundlessgo@gmail.com

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Everything you need to know about Go Boundless - Snow Drive

Are you a self-drive mountain-traveller kind of a person? If yes, you would love to be a part of Go Boundless-Snow Drive 2016! The details of the same are available at……. But for everything else, here are the answers –

Q 1: Are the dates for this Go Boundless Snow Drive fixed or flexible?

A 1: Go Boundless follows a meticulous approach to organizing self drive group tours. Almost all the dates of our trips are decided keeping in mind the weather, availability and tourism-influx factors. January and February first week is the idle time for Snow Drive trip covering Narkanda and Thanedar

Q 2: Who all can be a part of this Go Boundless Snow Drive?

A 2: Anyone who wishes to self-drive or is ready to share the seat in other’s vehicle can be a part of this adventure trip. People who prefer taking their own vehicle are advised to go ahead with a 4X4. Even a smaller car will do provided it has high ground clearance. And most importantly, this is not an all-boys trip. We are receiving maximum registrations from the families.

Q 3: Do the travellers need to worry about their stay, comfort and safety?

A 3: Go Boundless has built unmatched goodwill while organizing mountain expeditions owing to the commitment of group leader Vaneeta Kang who leads by example and takes care of each and every detail. The comfort and secure stay arrangements of all travelers will be her responsibility, a responsibility she has never faltered in the past while organizing tough Himalayan Drives to Leh-Ladakh and Lahaul-Spiti region.

Q 4: What if there is snowfall during the Go Boundless Snow Drive 2016?

A 4: Well, you will see a lot of snow as this is a SNOW DRIVE! But in case a fresh snowfall causes problems in the route, you need not worry. We are already ready with alternate routes and plans for old Hindustan Tibet Road. We are sure like every other Go Boundless expedition; this Snow Drive expedition is going to be a lifetime experience for you!

Q 5: Lastly, is it safe to drive on snow-covered roads?

A 5: In all honesty, it is not going to be easy to drive on snow-covered roads of Himachal Pradesh. But that’s the challenge and that’s where Vaneeta’s expertise will help you. She has a lot of experience of self-drive in much tougher terrain. So, the point is, to ignore your fear and live the life of an enthusiastic traveller. For all those people, who are now ready with their question about the COST per person for the trip, you need to send a mail to boundlessgo@gmail.com. We are sure you would be more than pleased to hear our prices!

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Leh Ladakh budget tour packages – Serious or Joking!

An adventure trip to Leh Ladakh has always been your dream; it is very likely that time and budget has been two major constraints in your dream to become real. What if we tell you that now you can plan as well as enjoy Leh Ladakh budget tour! And we are not joking at all. Here are some tips that can help you plan an adventure trip to Leh Ladakh within your budget –

1. Online Booking won’t do; booking with someone’s reference will get you better deals.

The rates you see online for Leh Ladakh budget hotels or Leh Ladakh Night Camps are way too high than what can be availed with some Leh Ladakh trip planner’s help. If you want to have an economical Leh Ladakh vacation, it is better to phone charm the Leh Ladakh hotel operators rather than going in for online booking.

2. Going to Leh Ladakh by road isn’t very costly especially if two families car pool.

airfares from Delhi to Leh and return journey is quiet costly. Going in your own 4X4 to this mountain terrain would give you great satisfaction and pride in case you are dreaming of a Leh-Ladakh self-drive trip.

3. Plan your Leh trip with expert help.

Decide which all places will you explore and try to chalk out the itinerary in advance. This will help you get economy in time as well as fuel because you will be able to plan your Leh expedition routes properly.

4. Check out numerous options for eating out in Leh.

Leh isn’t very costly when it comes to food and dining provided you know good places to eat out! You might spend 1000 Rs on a meal and yet not feel happy. That’s why it matters that you should take references from people who have already visited Leh Ladakh.

5. Be a part of Group tour to Leh Ladakh.

This is the best way to plan and enjoy an economical trip to Leh Ladakh. Group tour packages come out to be easy on pocket and the fun quotient is always triple. There are many reputed travel agencies and adventures groups that offer Leh Ladakh budget tour packages for groups. All you need to do is explore the options smartly. One such popular and highly credible group is ‘Go Boundless’ that has been organizing picture perfect Group tours to Leh Ladakh within a common man’s budget. The best thing is that Go Boundless specializes in Self-driven Leh Ladakh trips via Manali. In case, you do not have a vehicle of your own or are not keen to self-drive; the group offers options whereby you can join other fellows who have their 4X4 with empty seats.

Moral of the story is that no dream is too big than the dream of doing Leh Ladakh and exploring the incredible Himalayas. So if money or time is clouding your dreams, you must contact Go Boundless team to see beyond the dark clouds. May be you will end up seeing a silver lining in the clouds when your dream of Leh Ladakh adventure trip comes true!

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Leh on Wheels: Top 10 tips for a Self-drive trip to Leh-Ladakh

Stop Googling Yatra or Make My Trip to check airfares from Delhi to Leh and return! All you need is preferably a 4x4 or an MUV (or any car with a good ground clearance) and a traveler’s spirit to do Leh-Ladakh on wheels. And of course, make sure you check out these Top 10 tips before beginning your self-drive trip to Leh-Ladakh. Tips shared by Vaneeta Kang, Founder-Director of Go Boundless who is known for organizing the best and most well-planned group self-drive trips to Leh-Ladakh, Spiti Valley and Desert Safaris.

1. Understand your vehicle – Do not sit in the driver’s seat until and unless you understand your vehicle fully. And in case you aren’t keen to know the vehicle’s details, it’s better to sit on the companion seat. To get the checklist to service your car, send a test mail at boundlessgo@gmail.com.

2. Make a list of essential things and spare parts which would come handy during the trip. Vaneeta shares her list to include basic Toolkit which must have a Jack and Spanner, spare tyre, puncture repairing kit, air Compressor, foot pump and a complete set of screwdrivers. Do not forget the torchlight and spare bulbs! To get a detailed list of tools to carry along, please send a mail to boundlessgo@gmail.com.

3. Do not fret or worry about kids’ safety! Kids can be a part of your self-drive trip to Leh-Ladakh. Kids above 5 years are recommended to go for Ladakh Drive. But try to join a group where other kids are also travelling. They will have more fun.

4. Drive consciously on sharp turns and twists. Drive safe and slow in rough and tough sections of the terrain. Always wear a seatbelt and never try to overtake on the turns. Have patience during roadblocks and wait in a queue. And while waiting, enjoy the scenic beauty around.

5. Do not drink and drive, even if you are feeling on Cloud 9. Be a cautious and patient driver. Do not try to show off your expert driving in mountains while off-roading in Leh-Ladakh valley. Always be supportive on the road. You may find a few families standing on the road having trouble with their vehicle. It won’t take much time or effort to help them.

6. Travel light but make sure you pack your warmest jackets and woolens as the temperature of Leh-Ladakh tends to freeze without giving any notice. Wear something warm as soon as sun goes down. Temperature falls immediately to subzero sometimes. Try to dress up in layers rater than wearing one thick warm jacket. You can drop us an email at boundlessgo@gmail.com to get a list of clothes to carry.

7. Always carry 20 Liters extra fuel and emergency ration along. You never know when your vehicle may break down or you get stuck on the road due to landslides or road block situation. You should have enough rations in your car and energy food. To get the list of similar things, send an email to boundlessgo@gmail.com

8. Avoid over-speeding! Leh-Ladakh is an exciting terrain but do not forget safety in this wake of enthusiasm.

9. Consult your doctor before going on this trip. Carry First aid kit all essential medicines along with high attitude mountain sickness tablets and a handy oxygen cylinder. To get the list of medicines & first aid kit, send an email to boundlessgo@gmail.com.

10. Do not litter on the roads. Carry garbage bags along and put all the waste in bags and throw in the dustbins. Ladakh is a beautiful region and please do not spoil the beauty by littering on the roads or anywhere outside. Also teach others if you notice anyone doing the same.

If you feel jittery doing self-drive to Leh-Ladakh alone, join the Go Boundless gang that organizes group trips to Zanskar valley every summer as well as in winter. Subscribe to their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/boundlessjourneys/ to know more details of the same.

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Leh vs Spiti – where will you head to?

If you are one person who thinks all mountains are same, the article is not definitely meant for you! But in case you are a gypsy-soul and feel that no two roads are alike, take a quick look and tell us which one excites you more. We look forward to hearing from every single travel-enthusiast in the group.

1. From Touristy point of view –

Leh and Spiti, both may appear similar in their geography and physics; they offer an altogether diverse kind of touristy. Leh is well-connected and even has an airport of its own. With so many flights landing up in Leh every day, it is now the Number One summer destination in India. Spiti on the other hand is still so very virgin. It is like a calm and peaceful place even in peak of summers when only high-adrenalin people come here seeking natural bliss.

2. Toughness Quotient –

Leh is tough; we all agree and some of us have even experienced it. But Spiti is tougher especially because its roads aren’t as good as you may find in Leh-Ladakh region. So doing Spiti will be another feather in the crown of self-drive lovers who can’t forget their self-drive to Leh.

3. Pangong Tso vs Chandra Taal –

If you thought Pangong Tso is the ultimate destination; wait till you see Chandra Taal lake! The point is you cannot decide which one is more beautiful. And lucky are those, who have seen the both.

4. Food –

This is one reason you must do Spiti trip after doing Leh. If Leh amazed you with its Tibetan and inter-cultural kind of food, Spiti will bowl you over with its unconventional food ranging from Yak meat to altogether different kind of Thukpas!

5. Monasteries as well as Mummy –

You will cherish visiting some of the best Monasteries in Leh-Ladakh region; Spiti also has some famous Buddhist monasteries like the Ki Monastery. And along with that, you can also see a 500-year old Mummy preserved in the Giu Village of Spiti Valley.

Moral of the story is both the places have an incredible charm of their own. Doing one is not enough; you have to do the both for the love of mountains and adventure. Go Boundless organizes group self-drive trips to both destinations. We have seen our group members falling in love with both destinations hopelessly! However, we still look forward to your vote in our Comment section – which one excites you more – Leh or Spiti?

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Should Kids be a part of your Leh-Ladakh trip?

Often families let go on their dream of exploring Leh-Ladakh assuming that their kids might not adjust in the climate. Even if it’s a 5 or 6 day long trip, they are worries about taking children along to such high altitude. Is their fear justified? What is the minimum age limit of a child to be able to enjoy Leh-Ladakh? Discover all your answers here –

1. Age Limit –

Well, Leh-Ladakh would be a pleasant memory for any kid aged 2 and above. But that doesn’t mean you should drop your plan in case your child is less than 2 years old. The trip is fun for families having children in 1-2 year category. Just that the kids aren’t able to walk much on their own in 6-24 month age group. However, we strictly forbid parents to plan a trip with a baby less than 6 months old.

2. Kids’ Acclimatization tips –

At 11500 ft, some mountain sickness does happen to everyone! And kids are no exception. If you are travelling by air and taking kids along, it is better to rest for the entire day on Day 1. Body takes time to acclimatize in Leh-Ladakh. Children also feel the effect of thinning air so they end up complaining of stomach-ache, nausea, puking, and headache. The best way to deal mountain sickness in kids and adults is –

• Drink plenty of water

• Do not over-exert at all the first two days

• Take prescribed medicines along. You can drop a mail boundlessgo@gmail.com for medicine prescription list.

In case you are going to Leh-Ladakh via Manali road, your kids may not face much mountain sickness as you will reach Leh on 3rd day and the body has somewhat acclimatized by that time.

3. Kids clothing –

This actually worries most of the mothers – what kind of clothing they should pack for their kids even when they are going to Leh-Ladakh in summers. It is important to know one thing that you may find plenty of sunshine in Leh but that doesn’t mean you can afford to skip the pullover or jacket. There is a lot of chill in the wind so it is advised to keep a pair of body warmers and cosy jackets, jeans, woollen caps, woollen gloves and woollen socks for kids.

4. Important Essentials for kids –

Do not forget to take Sunscreen for kids, moisturisers, and baby lip balms along. The weather in Leh is harsh on skin and kids get irritated with cracked lips or sun-burnt skin!

5. Overnight stay at Pangong Lake –

If you are planning to stay overnight in some camp near Pangong Tso, make sure you carry one extra pair of warmest and cosiest woollens, jackets, cap and gloves for your kid. Pangong Tso region is quite windy and it tends to get rain any time. The best way to enjoy your Leh-Ladakh tour with kids is to join some group tour like Go Boundless which not only gives you the adrenalin rush of self-drive to Leh-Ladakh but also gets you peace of mind and all necessary care through the most committed organizing team. The head of Go Boundless group, Vaneeta Kang, has been a professional traveller in mountain rallies and has been taking her son along with every since he was just 4 years old. You may not need any more tips in case you enrol for Go Boundless’ Leh-Ladakh self-drive trip.

Moral of the story is both the places have an incredible charm of their own. Doing one is not enough; you have to do the both for the love of mountains and adventure. Go Boundless organizes group self-drive trips to both destinations. We have seen our group members falling in love with both destinations hopelessly! However, we still look forward to your vote in our Comment section – which one excites you more – Leh or Spiti?

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Storm through the Boundless Deep Desert, can you?

Think Desert, think Rajasthan! And it’s not just pale sand that will say Padharo Mhare Des. The well-known Havelis of Mandawa like Chowkhani Haveli, Goenka Haveli and Saraf Haveli welcome you with open arms to take you to an era of majesty typical to Rajasthan. Explore the natural abundance of Talchhapar Sanctuary and drive ahead to experience the huge rolling sand dunes of this royal state in the territory of Mandawa – Miyakore- Phalodi. If this doesn’t excite you for a Boundless Deep Desert Safari, may we tell you a little about the Desert Resort in Mandawa!

A luxuriant oasis and a quintessential romantic set-up, Desert resort Mandawa is an experience of a lifetime where you can live the aura and mystery of desert in an intimate and exquisite style. The best part – yes, this resort is located amidst acres of natural landscape in the vibrant state of Rajputs! Were you able to visualize it? Did it set your pulse racing?

If you aren’t excited yet, let us take you to Phalodi which is a place no history book can do justice with! Phalodi is an old caravan centre in the Thar Desert famous for its Jain and Hindu temples. Leave the spirituality part aside; get ready to take a look into the old-style Jharokhas and Havelis. The setting so magically medieval, you will end up imagining yourself as a Rajput warrior or a Rajputana queen.

Up next, Jaisalmer, the ‘Golden City’, so significant strategically and culturally! The epitome of Thar, Jaiselmer is so very close to Pakistan border. Offroading in Silky Sam Sand dunes of Rajasthan is a dream for many adventure enthusiasts. And if you are one, you must be getting ready your 4X4 to storm through the Great Indian Desert, Rajasthan.

Now, the action part! This Delhi- Mandawa- Phalodi- Jaisalmer- Bikaner trip will be more fun when you do it in the company of like-minded people. That’s why Go Boundless has been receiving an over-whelming response for its proposed Boundless Deep Desert tour in December 2016. People who are self-drive fans and love the glamour and gala of Rajathan have booked their seat in the very beginning. In fact, you can be a part of Go Boundless group even if you are not keen to self-drive. Icing on the cake is the costing! The trip comes out so economical that you won’t mind taking your whole family along. You don’t believe it? Ok, send us a mail at boundlessgo@gmail.comand check out the Go Boundless Boundless Deep Desert Itinerary and costing!

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Five enriching experiences of Leh-Ladakh during winter trip

Leh-Ladakh is an amazing place; you are bound to fall in love with it, any season, any day! Still, summers are the time when people prefer to visit it. That’s the time when hotels are jam-packed and you can even manage to travel by road through Self-drive. That’s the peak season! So why should a person challenge the harsh climatic conditions to visit this terrain in winters? What’s the fun?? Let the team of ‘Go Boundless’ tell you more about the fun and passion of exploring Leh-Ladakh in winters –

1. The ‘Ice-age’ feeling –

Winters in Ladakh are snow-laden. The roads are covered with snow and you can expect temperature to go down to even -30 degrees! Doesn’t this give you goosebumps? Yes, surely the beauty of seeing Ice-Age in Leh-Ladakh becomes the main reason for some people to plan and join a winter trip to Zanskar Valley.

2. The challenge of Chadar Trek -

Most of the people who visit Leh-Ladakh in winters come for the adrenalin rush of Chadar Trek – the trek on frozen Zanskar. It is not something you can do with an ordinary spirit. To walk on the frozen Zanskar River requires a tough mentality, physical strength and sportsman spirit. For the love of challenge, a trip to Leh-Ladakh in winters becomes an absolute experience.

3. Economy factor –

Chadar Trek or a winter trip in Leh-Ladakh won’t cost you a fortune. In fact, the air tickets are the main expense which can be controlled as well in case you do your bookings two months in advance. Moreover, people who have gone to Leh in summer via road can experience the fun and fantasy of an air trip as well. The view of frozen Leh from airplane window is worth its price. Rest everything turns out very economical in Leh during winters.

4. Privileged feeling –

Leh-Ladakh in winters dons an isolated look. You won’t find more than a hundred tourists in total during your entire week. This gives you a rare chance to see the Ladakhi lifestyle up close. You may end up experiencing home stay in Leh and the warm hospitality of simple Ladakhi people. Such privileged feeling is a rarity! Go ahead and plan your trip in winters when you can enjoy many local festivals like Ladakhi Losar or Matho Monastery festival or Dosmoche!

5. Achievement in itself – People travel for fun; this one will be a travel to prove your mettle as a passionate traveller. If you can brave the harsh climatic conditions, acclimatize quickly and trek over the frozen Zanskar, there is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve. Enrol for this winter trip or Chadar Trek just to register a travel feat in your life

For all those who are enthused with spirit to explore Leh-Ladakh in winters, Go Boundless is brining all-inclusive Chadar Trek in January and February spanning 5-6 days or 8-9 days as you choose. To know details on the same, send a query mail toboundlessgo@gmail.com

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